We are a milling company with a broad variety of tree species, grown in the Central Kentucky area, milled into various sizes of boards and slabs.

Unlike most saw mills, LVWS only uses logs from trees that were removed from properties because of a preexisting problem or concern. Our logs are brought in from a tree service that was hired to remove the tree because of death or disease, high risk of failure, poor tree placement when planted, construction requirements or damaged/blown over in severe storms.

Since the logs come in faster than we can mill them, we are proud to say that we have never had to go out into our beautiful bluegrass forest and harvest trees just for lumber. In fact, the rest of the tree that doesn’t get turned into lumber or slabs, is processed into wood chips and given away for local community gardens, landscape beds, walking paths, nurseries and much more. The remainder “unusable” wood is generally cut and split down into firewood. Sawdust is saved until decomposition and given to a local gardener and used for growing sweet potatoes.

Needless to say, we don’t like for valuable green waste to go to waste!


-Justin Rome, Owner

Justin Rome